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MISS NAIJA Beauty and Style Pageant

A celebration of the Nigerian woman as a beacon of hope for African women and the world at large.


At the MISS NAIJA organization, we take immense pride in hosting the MISS NAIJA pageant, recognizing the significant progress and unyielding spirit of the Nigerian woman. Over the years, she has fought for her basic rights as a human and a citizen of our great country, Nigeria. While acknowledging the strides we have made, we also understand that there is still much work to be done. This event serves as a platform to inspire, empower, and celebrate the essence of womanhood while advocating for gender equality and women's rights.


The primary objective of the MISS NAIJA pageant is to foster a beautiful and enabling environment for young women to thrive and express themselves without fear or prejudices. We aim to provide a nurturing space where they can showcase their talents, intellect, and leadership skills while breaking barriers and embracing their unique identities.


The maiden edition of the MISS NAIJA Beauty Pageant will be held on the first of October 2023 in Abuja, coinciding with Nigeria's Independence Day celebration. This grand event will bring together Nigerians from diverse backgrounds to commemorate not only the survival of our dear nation but also to highlight the greatness and valor of the Nigerian girl child and her remarkable journey.


  •  Interested contestants are required to pay a token fee of N10,000 to purchase an entry form
  •  Contestants are also required to have a personal dedicated Naija Super Girl (NSG) account for their pet projects.


During the Miss Naija pageant, voting plays a significant role in determining the winner. Here are the key aspects of the voting process:

Voting Period: Contestants are encouraged to canvass for votes starting from the moment they register on the official Miss Naija portal and once their profiles have been approved for participation.

Support for Pet Project: A percentage of the votes received by each contestant will be allocated towards her designated pet project. This initiative aims to support and contribute to causes that hold importance to the contestants and align with the vision of empowering women and making a positive impact in society.

Voting Cost: Each vote in the Miss Naija pageant is valued at N100 (Nigerian Naira). Participants and supporters can cast their votes by contributing the voting amount through the provided channels.

Minimum Vote Amount: To ensure fairness and effective participation, there is a minimum vote requirement of N1000 per cast. This minimum amount enables individuals to make a meaningful contribution to their favorite contestant's journey.

Contestant's Earnings: After the voting period concludes, the contestant is entitled to receive 20% of the total votes cast in her favor, subject to applicable tax deductions.

The voting system not only engages the audience but also provides contestants with an opportunity to raise funds for their pet projects, fostering a sense of purpose and social responsibility.